Definition of Product
The first step of industrial design is to define the problem that needs solving. Inspiration can come from anywhere. You may have uncovered a problem in your day to day life, overheard someone talking about an issue. You may already have a product that simply needs a refresh.

Design Research
Information is collected about your product idea and the problem it solves. Brainstorming, market research, creative concepts, experimentation, competing products and evaluation helps turn your idea a reality.

Preliminary design concepts are developed, focusing on the aesthetic and ergonomic development of your idea to
ensure the product works the way its meant to. The chosen concept is further refined with detailed 2D drawings
and Digital 3D CAD models.

2D/Orthographic Drawings

3D Model
Using industry-leading software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D, and KeyShot to create detailed and realistic 3D models and renderings.

CMF (Colors, Material, Finish)
Comprehensive understanding of different materials and their properties, enabling the selection of suitable materials for product manufacturing while considering cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Photographic Renderings


3D visualization is a powerful tool used in the marketing and design industries to create realistic and dynamic representations of products, packaging, and displays before they are physically produced. It involves creating computer-generated models and images that accurately portray the final product, allowing businesses to visualize and tweak their designs without the need for expensive prototyping.

Here are some examples of how 3D visualization can be used for products, packaging, and displays:

Product Visualization
With 3D visualization, businesses can showcase their products in a virtual environment, allowing customers to see how they look from different angles, colors, and materials. This helps in making informed decisions during the design process, enabling companies to iterate and refine their product designs before manufacturing.

Packaging Visualization
Before finalizing packaging designs, 3D visualization allows businesses to visualize how their product will look in different packaging options. It provides an accurate representation of how the packaging will affect the overall product aesthetics, allowing companies to make adjustments and optimize their packaging designs for maximum impact.

Display Visualization
3D visualization plays a crucial role in designing retail displays and exhibitions. It enables businesses to create virtual mock-ups of their displays, allowing them to experiment with different layouts, lighting, and product placements. By visualizing the end result, companies can ensure the display effectively showcases their products and captures the attention of their target audience.

I respect the privacy of our clients and always recommend an NDA to assure 100% confidentiality. 

Rhino 3D | 3D Modeling
Keyshot | 3D Rendering
Adobe Illustrator | 2D Drawing
Adobe Photoshop | Photo Retouch
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