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Product Design
The first step of industrial design is to define a problem that needs solving. Inspiration can come from anywhere. You may have uncovered a problem in your day to day life. You may have overheard someone talking about an issue. You may already have a product that needs a refresh.

Information is collected about your product idea and the problem it solves. Brainstorming, market research, creative concepts, experimentation, competing products and evaluation helps turn your idea a reality. This is where we focus on the customer and the people who will be using the product, so we can design to their needs.

Preliminary design concepts are developed using rough sketches and line drawings, ensuring that the design concepts can be translated into feasible solutions. We focus on the aesthetic and ergonomic development of your idea to ensure the product works the way its meant to. The design must be effortless to use, often improving safety, efficiency, and comfort along the way.

The chosen concept is further refined with detailed orthographic drawings providing views of top bottom, front, left and right of your product. Digital 3D CAD models are then generated from the selected design concept.

Prototype and Refine
We guide your product through the prototyping process for testing and validation, while preserving the creative design. Prototypes give you the opportunity to hold, touch, and interact with your design. By being able to hold your product in hand, we can test, tweak, refine and optimize your product idea to further appeal to your target audience.

After capturing the design intent and a well-engineered prototype passes validation testing, we begin to focus on final refinement, passing our designs and 3D models to the manufacturing engineers for tooling. Our role as Industrial Designers begins to diminish in this stage, with the exception of continuing to maintain the design intent or make appropriate compromises. We have international resources to help you seamlessly transition from design to final product.

3D Modeling & Visualization
Through the use of digital 3D modeling, textures, logos and lighting, high-resolution images are generated from your design concepts, converting any conceptual design into a fully realized product that captivates your audience with its realistic appearance from any angle. Materials, textures, colors and graphics are explored.

This helps move your design idea from concept to reality, providing a unique opportunity to visually engage with a product before it has been created. It gives you the ability to:

1. Present your design concepts to investors
2. Analyze the performance of a product without significant outlay of cash for product creation
3. Adequately identify what resources will be needed to create the product
4. Accurately communicate the functionality of the product for sales and marketing

I respect the privacy of our clients and always recommend an NDA to assure 100% confidentiality. 
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