I began my career  as a graphic designer with an emphasis on brand identity, advertising, packaging, and cross promotional marketing. During that time I I was itroduced to Industrial Design and 3D Modeling and have made that my career focus.

I help companies and inventors identify, visualize and communicate new product design opportunities. I am passionate about creating and innovating products that beautifully and efficiently solve problems. I am forever curious and constantly intrigued and inspired through product design, graphic design, typography, photography, and architecture. I am driven to learn and push my creative boundaries and I am excited about the opportunities that face me.

Russell S. Mims | Owner, Figurehead Design
Phone 949.433.0718

Steve Hermosillo – Chief Creative Officer at Advoque/Mosaic

“Russell is a full stack creative professional that brings a unique and greatly valued vision to projects we’ve worked on together. His attention to detail and ability to collaborate on solutions for our clients have elevated our pitches for retail packaging, displays, and environments. I’ve yet to feel like the ask is too high, or the challenges at hand too great.”

Ken Geizler – President at Keri Systems

“We’ve worked with Russ on a number of projects and found him not only to be a great product designer but a welcome and able collaborator as well. In addition to our first released product which drew rave reviews from our customers at our last trade show, we will be using him on all of our future product concepts. He’s not only the best designer that we’ve used but is also the easiest to work with.”

Jocelyn Zecua – Brand Supervisor at Brandtailers/The CDM Company

“Its rare to find someone with such a high caliber of talent as Russ. I had the pleasure of meeting him when we subcontracted him for a few design projects at The CDM Company. Our assignments are usually crash and burn which makes it challenging for any designer but I’m constantly impressed at his ability to deliver innovative creative designs within days. In addition, he is extremely reliable and always responsive. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs creative services. You will not be disappointed.”

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